Disney Vacation Home Rentals – Get Luxury, Convenience and Save Money Too

Marwa Grimes

Getting ready for a great time at Disney World? One of the most important parts of your preparation will be to reserve the right kind of accommodations. Before you start searching for hotels, you should consider renting a condo, home or villa. The Orlando area, and in the Disney World locality of Kissimmee, you will find a great selection of vacation home rentals. These rental homes combine luxury, convenience and price advantages which could make you change your mind about staying in a hotel.

What can you gain by staying in a rented vacation home as opposed to a hotel? Let’s look at what a Disney vacation home rental can offer you. First of all, if you have a large family, or if you want to enjoy a vacation with friends or relatives, you can really save a lot of money by renting one of the larger vacation homes.

For example, you can rent a luxury five bedroom home for one week and pay around $1000 and if you have two families with two or three kids each, then the per person rate will work out to be much less than a comparable hotel offering, and this doesn’t even consider the saving that you can make on the meals.

But you don’t need a large family or group to save money. Three bedroom homes start at only $115 per day which is what you might pay in a hotel, but the difference is that you get an entire home at your disposal. These homes are completely furnished and have amenities such as home entertainment systems (TV, DVD, etc), private swimming pools and in some cases games rooms and spas.

If you are thinking that you can only get this kind of deal in an inconvenient location, then you are dead wrong. You can get a spacious, comfortable and well equipped rental home located minutes from Disney World and other theme parks and attractions of the Orlando area.

Think about what this arrangement means in terms of flexibility and convenience. Your children will have their own bedroom and can sleep soundly just as they do at home. With a location minutes from Disney World you can come back to your home at midday or any other time you like and refresh yourself and get ready for the next outing. You will never have to worry about parking because all of the homes have their own private garages.

On top of the actual benefits you get from staying in the vacation homes, you can get some extras on top of this. For my rental agency offers the services of a discounted ticket agent who will deliver tickets directly to the home you are staying in for all major attractions in the area.

If you want to enjoy the advantages of price, location, luxury, flexibility and convenience that Disney vacation home rentals offer, then you should reserve in advance. The peak season is at the holidays of Easter, Memorial Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year.

So, what are you waiting for? Choose your Disney vacation rental home online, reserve it and get ready for an unforgettable Florida vacation.

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