Why You Need Backpacker Travel Insurance in the UK

Marwa Grimes

Everybody likes to go off on holidays, and for the adventurous (and thrifty) among us, there is nothing quite so appealing as going backpacking. Unfortunately, for those traveling outside of the nation’s border backpacker’s traveling insurance is required. Well, okay it isn’t legally required, but to not purchase backpacker travel insurance in the UK would be much too big a risk for even the wealthiest citizen.

The reason that you will need to buy backpacker travel insurance in the UK is that you will need protection in the event of loss or illness while on your trip. If your bags get stolen or you get sick, you will need coverage. The insurance coverage is good not only in the event of a medical situation but in the situation of theft. For example, if the bag with your passport gets stolen, your insurance will help you get back home (as will the British embassy in whatever country you’re in at the time).

Yes, we acknowledge that it is a terrible thing to fork over money for something that you honestly never want to have to use. Sadly, that is the way the world works these days.

What is good to know is that traveler’s insurance covers a wide variety of concerns.

Backpacker’s traveling insurance can cover the following concerns:

Medical Emergencies: this will cover the cost of any emergency medical attention that you might need.

Personal Liability: this covers any damage to another person or his/her property that is your fault.

Baggage/Possessions: this covers you in the event that any of your personal items get stolen or lost. It also covers the costs of replacing lost identification (like your passport).

Repatriation and Rescue: this covers you in the event of an emergency medical rescue, like if you need a helicopter rescue.

Holiday Cancellation: this covers you if you need to cancel your trip before you’re done traveling. It will also compensate you for any expenses that you might not be reimbursed for (deposits on Hotel rooms).

Travel Delay: This will cover you for any money that you might end up losing because of a delay in departure. This part of your policy usually specifies a minimum length of delay that must lapse before you’ll be covered.

Personal Money: this will reimburse you for any personal money or traveler’s checks that might get lost or stolen while traveling. Usually, the limit on this reimbursement is very low, so check your policy.

Sometimes backpacker’s traveler’s insurance will also cover skiing and sports. Certain sports like winter sports, bungee jumping or other extreme sports get extra coverage. Sometimes you have to ask for this coverage specifically, so if you plan on taking part in any of these events, make sure they are covered by your backpacker travel insurance in the UK.

While it might seem superfluous to spend money on a policy that is best left unrecouped, it is better to spring for the insurance anyway. You don’t want to be caught unprepared when not in your nation’s borders.

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