Outdoor Survival – How to Survive That Backpacking Trip

Marwa Grimes

Why do I need survival skill for a little trek into the hills you might ask? Well the answer is of course you can’t always predict when that little trek may turn into a life threatening emergency. Knowing a few simple skills can turn a harrowing situation into a ho hum and can be handled with little discomfort and or threat. Learn these simple rules and you can rule the outdoors.

Basic survival skills boil down to just a few things you need to learn and think about when confronted with a survival situation. These include staying warm and dry, keeping hydrated, and avoiding injury. Finding a bit of food along the way is also nice.

So first let’s consider keeping warm and dry. This is accomplished by always being aware of your surroundings. Watch for changes in the weather and threatened storms. Keep your eye open for any possible shelters should inclimate weather appear. This may be as simple as a ledge or a tree to supply shelter. Watch the behavior of the wildlife, their behavior can often signal incoming weather. Look for dry leaves and grass to act as covers and to keep you warm. Burrow into the dry grass and leaves this can keep you comfortable even in cold temperatures. Sleep with your head slightly downhill, this will keep you warmer and is easy to do.

Keep hydrated. Although you can do nicely without food for several days you need water to function well. Always keep your canteen full. Each time you see a water source fill you canteen and drink whats left. This will encourage hydration and keep your canteen full.

Directions in the wild are fairly easy. Observe the sun rises in the east sets in the west. North Star at night is a bright and an easy guide. Most of all keep calm and use your good common sense; this helps more than anything else.

Look for berries along the way. Blackberries, strawberries, and blue berries are plentiful along the way. At least in North America these are nearly always safe. Take a small bit and if it’s good it is safe to eat. If it tastes bad spit it out.

Avoid injury, this can best be accomplished by using your good common sense and take your time. Avoid unnecessary risks and if necessary take the longer safer path through the area to avoid risking injury. This single fact can save your life in any situation.

Remember these simple rules and enjoy the outdoors without fear.

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