Gary Hubler – 5 Time Reno National Air Race Champion – an Aviation Legend

Marwa Grimes

One look at Gary Hubler’s Air Racing website and you can see he means business, he flies to win. Gary was never one to fear the ground and most of his flying was close to the ground as an agricultural pilot, but what Gary excelled in was racing and winning. In fact, at age 51 he was a five-time champion at Reno National Championship Air Races. Gary was from Caldwell, ID and loved to fly and his crew is made of up of a set of superstars indeed.

Gary Hubler had nearly 20,000 hours flying time and was considered the top contender at Reno 2007 flying his highly modified Cassutt 111M, “Mariah.” This has been a tough year at the Reno Air Races, as Gary Hubler lost his life after his plane made contact with another racer in mid-air, witnesses said the two aircraft’s wings hit each other and sent Gary Hubler and his famous race plane into the desert not far below at nearly 250 miles per hour.

The other aircraft and pilot involved was able to make it back to the ground and land safely, with some injuries but nothing life threatening. Two judges on the ground took some debris, but one refused medical services and the other was treated briefly at the scene. Gary was the third fatality during the 2007 Reno Air Races and he will be missed, he was a hell of a pilot and know to all as a gentleman, who loved the sport and loved to fly. For more information on this incredible aviator and his race team find the links below:

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