Top 3 Stag Weekend Destination in 2013

Marwa Grimes

Come weekend time, and people start thinking of going to unknown destinations to renew themselves. They look for stag weekend unexplored places, where they can not only get some fun, but also learn something new. People take the advantage of corporate boat hire, as well as an activity trip at stag do Portsmouth.

When people plan for a stag weekend getaways, they have to think of many considerations like accommodation, language, health and transport. There are many good weekend destinations in U.K where people can get to explore themselves. They can plan on their own beforehand, or rest their worries on a travel service firm. It is very important to plan weekend destination in advance, so that children and life partner can also take a break from the routine and enjoy as well.

People choose from among the top weekend destinations, they have shortlisted. Here are some of top weekend destinations of 2013.

1. Bristol

Bristol is a stag weekend destination for those who like to have their short holiday completed in a fun and adventurous way. Bristol is famous for its nightlife and motor friendly roads. It is accessible by major transport networks, which makes it promising. Bristol activities can also include quad biking, the famous West Country games and its clubs. People can also take the advantage of playing in casinos while dining at the restaurants. Bristol though not that much popular for casinos as those in Texas, offers a good deal on casinos in terms of cost efficient and entertaining casino deals.

2. North Wales.

North Wales is a stag destination to be chosen by people who are interested in clubbing. There are lots of clubs with various amenities and entertainment at night time. North Wales is also famous for adventure sports activities like White water rafting, clay pigeon shooting, canoeing and surfing. Accommodation is also available easily without any issues. Wales has good number of beaches to sit with family and enjoy. Corporate boat hire can also considered by people who like to sail and see the sea wild life. Accommodation in North Wales, if booked in advance does not cost much compared to last minute booking and travel plans.

3. Newcastle.

Newcastle is famous for the famous MTV Show and is known as the Party capital. People who love night life during weekends and wish to spend their time losing themselves up should visit Newcastle for sure. This place is home to many bars and clubs along with activity sports like quad biking, swimming, football, hiking and more. The bars and clubs in Newcastle are known for many night life activities for party lovers, who like to hang on till early morning sunrays.

Portsmouth can also be considered by people, who want to explore some new activity and take advantage of stag do Portsmouth benefits. People experienced in sailing in yacht charters can also suggest corporate boat hire benefits to their friends for the weekend trips.

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