The Benefits of European Travel Destinations

Marwa Grimes

European travel has many benefits and many people travel within Europe each year for many reasons including work and pleasure. I wish today to tell you a little more about trips taken in Europe and why they are so popular.

Firstly to travel in Europe you have a few choices of how you wish to get to your destination, the first being by air. You can also for example if wanting to travel to Paris use the underground Euro tunnel which is cheap quick, easy and comfortable. And the last option would be by sea. This is something that is within the price ranges of everyone and depending on the amount of time you are spending on the ship will also contribute towards the amount you wish to spend to have your entire home from home comforts.

This leads me to telling you the best way to see as much of Europe as possible on a tight budget, and that is to do so by air. There are always great deals on no matter the time of year.

You will also find that a majority of the countries and the people there use English as either a first or second language which of course makes communication much easier for those travelling that do not have the benefit of being bi-lingual.

Another bonus to travelling within Europe is the fact that as long as you are a member of the EU you do not have to have a visa and you will be able to work in any country you wish, which definitely opens up options, especially for those countries that are part of the recession.

There is so much to see and do in Europe that the opportunities are endless and as an addition anyone who needs medical care who is a resident of a European country does not have to pay for any emergency medical treatment they may need, but everyone should have medical insurance when they travel as standard.

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