Ten Wonderful Things to Do in Hong Kong

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Hong Kong is one of the favorite tourist destinations in Asia. This country is known for its wonderful shopping experience as well as modern way of living. If you are going to visit Hong Kong, prepare yourself for a wonderful blending of Western and Eastern cultures.

1.) Visit Repulse Bay

So far, this is Hong Kong’s most famous beach. Here, you will get to see the Chinese Pavilion that is home to statues of the traditional Chinese gods. This is also a wonderful place if you want to have a leisurely stroll and immerse yourself in Hong Kong sights and sounds.

2.) Visit Stanley Village

This is a very popular seaside village, and many tourists flock here yearly. You can find here a very trendy shopping center as well as the infamous Stanley Market where you can find lots of bargain items. This is also a good place for you to buy your souvenirs.

3.) Ride the Peak Tram

This is the best way if you want to reach the area called the Peak. Once you are in the Peak Tram, prepare yourself for the dizzying sights below and enjoy the seven-minute ride to the top. If you are afraid of heights though, this ride is not for you.

4.) Victoria Peak

This is where your Peak Tram ride ends. Once you reach Victoria Peak, be enthralled at the wonderful sight of the city below, especially if you visit Victoria Peak at night when Hong Kong city lights are brightly shining. You can also find excellent restaurants here, and what better way to enjoy dinner than having a beautiful sight at the same time?

5.) Party in SoHo

If you want the best of the modern world, then come to SoHo. In this place, you will surely enjoy the many international restaurants and bars that are located here as well as the shops. Be prepared for the night of your life here.

6.) Ride the Ngong Ping 360

Like the Peak Tram, this is not for those who are afraid of heights, but to those who are not, then be prepared for this beautiful cable car ride towards the Giant Buddha. During this ride, you will get fabulous 360-degree views of Hong Kong’s rugged terrain and the sea. The wonderful sight of the fertile valley below is truly something.

7.) Visit the Po Lin Monastery and the Giant Buddha

Your ride on the Ngong Ping will take you to these two tourist attractions. Here, you will get the chance to visit the Po Lin Monastery and enjoy its unique structure. Plus, you will also be fascinated by the seated Giant Buddha.

8.) Take a Walk on the Wisdom Path

This is surely something that a tourist must do when in Lantau Island, Hong Kong. This is also called the Heart Sutra. Here, you will see wooden pillars where the prayers are written, and what is interesting about it is that the pillars are arranged in the infinity symbol.

9.) Visit the Tai O Fishing Village

For a firsthand experience of Hong Kong culture, visit the fishing village of Tai O. You will surely become fascinated with the houses that are built on stilts along the creek. The families who live here are said to be direct descendants of the first settlers of Hong Kong and are called the Hanka People.

10.) Enjoy Causeway Bay

If SoHo is not enough for you, then you must definitely visit Causeway Bay. Here, you will definitely enjoy its malls as well as little shops and boutiques. If you want more bargain items, then definitely go to Causeway Bay’s street markets.

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