Sailing Boat Charter in Palma De Mallorca-Majorca

Marwa Grimes

Over 50 years of package holidays, still more than 90% of vacations are taken at resorts within a few miles of the sea. Sea-air, swimming, a new and contrasting environment to our everyday existence are all rejuvenating. A walk to the beach, followed by a gentle swim, provide more exercise in 2 weeks than many take in a year.

As idyllic as this all sounds, after a few days toasting on a sun-bed, the sad truth is it can become a bit boring and sometimes stressful.

It is well known that our bodies need physical activity; our minds too, are stimulated by change, contrast and challenge.

The daily routine of get up – eat breakfast; traipse down to beach – lie down – sunbathe; get up – eat lunch; lie down – sunbathe; get up – back to hotel; shower – eat dinner – drink- sleep over and over again, can become boring after a few days.

Tour operators are wise to this now and resorts have a multitude of activities and places of interest to divert you from the routine. Heavily marketed by the commission-motivated tour operators they are easily accessed and often with transport in an over-crowded coach included!

However with a little imagination and research – these conditions can be avoided.

The secret of a good holiday is to provide at least one good memorable experience you can ‘hang your holiday hat’ on and say afterwards – “that was a great holiday!”

A sailing trip is so removed from most people’s everyday life, it will stay in the memory for years to come as well as sometimes providing the spark to interest a child in a new activity – specially on a classic yacht! Boat trips can be enjoyed by all the family, from infants in cots to grandparents; the sporty to the observer; disabled and incapacitated people can enjoy the unique experience of a day at sea.

Even if you have never sailed before or are worried about sea-sickness, try it! Good skippers will gain your confidence and have effective treatments on board or suggestions that may cure it. In the last resort, ask to be taken to shore!

The south-east coast of Mallorca is known as the most scenic part of the island; for millions of years the prevailing east winds and sea has eroded the soft volcanic rock forming caves and canyons, sculptured rock formations, beautiful secluded bays every few hundred meters along the coast between Pollensa and Colonia St. Jordi.

There are more marine and nature conservation areas to explore along this coast than the rest of Mallorca together – Cala Mondrago; Isla Cabrera; Ses Salines; Cala Figuera; Cuevas de Drach; Cala Santanyi; Porto Colom; Porto Cristo; Cala Ratjada; Cala Gran; Portopetro to name a few!

Nature-lovers will appreciate a guided tour of the parks when going ashore; we also have marine conservation experts that can accompany a boat charter with snorkeling or scuba-diving to explore the varied marine life. You can have the ship to yourselves or share the yacht with another family depending on the number of individuals in the group. Enjoy the freshly prepared food, open drinks bar, head for the high sea and enjoy the wind on your face. You won’t have a better more healthy day!

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