Pula – A Great Sailing Destination in the Adriatic

Marwa Grimes

Pula is one of the top tourist locations in Croatia, favored especially by those who take a liking to sailing and yacht charter in general as the local harbor is lined with marinas that offer yachts for hire. Located at the very tip of the Istrian peninsula, Pula is widely regarded as one of Croatia’s classic sailing spots that attract ever increasing numbers of tourists every year.

One of the main reasons for this city’s popularity is its long history, most of which can still be seen to this day, starting with the Roman ruins and then the Slavic remains from the middle ages. Despite these cultures, throughout most of its history, Pula has been inhabited mostly by Italians, being a reason of dispute between Genoa and Venice for a long time.

Today, after a tumultuous period under the Austro-Hungarian empire and then reverting back to Croatia, the city of Pula is mainly inhabited by Serbs, Italians, Bosnians and Slovenes. This is a testament to the local potpourri of cultures and nationalities and to their open minds and hearts.

The most iconic sites in town are undoubtedly the ones from the Roman era, starting with the Forum, located in the town’s main square, and continuing with the vestiges of other times and cultures, such as the St. Francis monastery, the “Kastel” and the sailor’s cemetery together with a monastery where you’ll find close to 15,000 Austro-Hungarian soldiers entered.

For those who come to Pula for yacht charter holidays, an important factor is to find fresh produce to purchase and this can be done in the local central market. Here you’ll find bargains on fresh sea-food, handicrafts, souvenirs as well as other trinkets. However, while you’re in this part of Croatia, we advise you to bring home some of the local delicacies such as wine and truffles. For this, you should head on down to Zigante. For more modern shopping, there is a mall located near the airport.

For a nice yacht charter vacation in Pula, you simply have to sample some of the local cuisine which can only be described as fresh and sophisticated. Very similar to Mediterranean food, it relies heavily on seafood and the local produce such as olives and truffles but also wholesome meat such as lamb or goat. As a testament to the city’s long Italian heritage, there are still many Italian restaurants which serve special dishes.

If you’re looking for fun after dark, there are plenty places where you and your sailing holiday crew can have a bit of fun. However you’ll find that most places located in the old quarter are somewhat crippled due to a local restriction that imposes a general lights out after midnight. But outside this central part the party does go on until the early hours of the morning so you and your fun-seeking friends shouldn’t go wanting.

And since we’re talking of ways of spending your free time, let’s talk about the local events. It has to be said that Pula wears the badge of renowned touristic resort with great pride and distinction and knows how to engage its visitors. As you’d expect, most of the city’s feasts and celebrations take place during the summer so as to coincide with the tourist season. Some of these include the Seasplash Reggae Festival in July, the Pula Film Festival, the Histria Festival in August.

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