Private Jet Membership – For People Who Want to Fly Private But Can’t Afford Their Own Jet

Marwa Grimes

Is your company looking for the best options to fly private? Or avoid commercial airlines? Well, if you need or want both, then a rather convenient way would be to discover and learn more about private jet membership.

There are plenty of companies that will do everything possible to make you become one of their clients. If it is necessary, they can even promote incredible offers to gain your attention. You can actually purchase one of their membership cards at a very nice price. After all, it is less expensive then renting a whole jet or applying for fractional ownership.

Based on the client’s needs and preferences, professionals hired by private jet companies will help you determine the plan that suits your business and which you can afford. Before any attempt to purchase one of the private jet membership cards, you should ask yourself the following questions:

1. How often do you fly?

2. What is the average distance for your trips?

3. How many people usually fly with you?

The next step is choosing the aircraft. Most of the companies will offer you three types of jets, each of them designed for your ultimate needs and convenience:

a) Light – with total sitting capacity of 6 to 8 passengers and a flying range of approximately 2000km

b) Midsize – with total sitting capacity of 7 to 9 passengers and a flying range of approximately 2500km

c) Large – with total sitting capacity of 8 to 15 passengers and a flying range of approximately 5000km

The next thing you should do after deciding upon the proper aircraft for your corporate needs is choosing the number of hours you can afford spending aboard, either per month or year.

The minimum number of hours that any private jet company can offer you is 10. Further, you can order 20, 30 and so on. It all depends on the necessities of your business. However, if the number of hours you fly per month exceeds a certain limit, then you should consider fractional jet ownership

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