New space hotel will sell vacation homes to Earth’s wealthiest humans

Marwa Grimes

Question: Did you ever think you would actually see a Jetson lifestyle in your lifetime?

The Jetsons premiered in 1962, and was set 100 years into the future in the year 2062. But we’re here a little ahead of schedule. And space truckin’ is creating new industries that cater to Astro-tourists.

Because rocket travel is not 100 per cent safe yet, there is now “Civilian Space Insurance” available. Benefits include accidental death and something called “permanent disablement in space.”

When you send people into space, you need somewhere to put them. With an ambitious target date of 2030, a space hotel is being built by a company called Orbital Assembly. This floating hotel will offer luxurious accommodations for up to 400 guests, it will have villas for sale as vacation homes, themed restaurants, bars, health spas and concert venues – all with spectacular views of Earth. And if it has concert venues, that means bands will now have a new stop on their tour itineraries.

The hotel will have a spinning Ferris-wheel design, which allows it to create its own artificial gravity using centrifugal force. All these intergalactic vacations will presumably create a competitive space travel economy, which, as history tells us, should eventually lower the cost of flights.

So instead of billionaire tourists paying $55 million, it might only cost $45 million.

Which, in space jargon, is called a “bargoon.”

While space travel is exciting, there is another place that is tempting the filthy rich. It’s extremely exclusive. More people have been to the International Space Station than have been to this location.

It’s the world’s last uncharted territory. Deep Sea tourism.

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