Kids Luggage On Wheels

Marwa Grimes

Many parents’ spinal columns have been saved by kids luggage on wheels. Traveling with children is challenging enough, but when one has to lug around bags and suitcases it can be nearly impossible. This is why some people choose not to travel until their kids are older. There are times, however, when a person has no choice but to take the kids on a trip.

Rolling suitcases have been popular among adult travelers for several years for convenience and safety. This is the very same reason why smaller child-sized ones are also useful. Even a toddler can roll a suitcase on wheels if it is small enough. This literally takes the weight off of the adult, and it can also provide children with a fun diversion. Many companies make luggage with popular characters from cartoons, movies, and books for kids. Most children love to roll their bags around when they are decorated with Sponge Bob, Dora, or Toy Story.

The bags are also the perfect place to store games and toys for the child to enjoy on the trip and keep them from becoming grouchy and bored. Whether in a car, plane, bus, or train, many of these bags are small enough to keep in the back seat or in storage compartments. Since these bags are made for children to use, the child can easily open it and take out her coloring book, game, or movie player without needing help. She will not cause distractions or disturb other passengers, and better yet, she will not have a tantrum due to boredom. Sleepy little passengers can also retrieve their own pillow or “blankie” as well. When a child has his own luggage, it leaves room in mom or dad’s bags for other items, which is always a plus for long trips.

Wheeled luggage is also used in schools nowadays. Many young students are experiencing back problems from tote bags and backpacks filled with heavy books. Some schools do not have enough lockers, and students are forced to carry all of their books to every class. Rolling bags prevent some of the repetitive injury caused by constant heavy lifting.

Rolling luggage has been a great convenience and back saver for adults for some time, and it is now used by children for the same reason. Besides the health and safety benefits, kids’ bags are fun with all of the many character designs available. Anyone who travels with kids or needs a better book bag should try kids luggage on wheels.

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