It’s Almost Here! Spring Break Vacation Time is Right Around the Corner!

Marwa Grimes

The time is almost here when you take that last exam, pack your bags, and head on spring break for the time of your life. Although it’s still a couple months away, you should already be planning your trip, which of the top destinations you are heading to, and learning as much as you can so you are safe but still have a great vacation.

Hot bodies everywhere!! You’re away from the parentals and ready to have fun, get some sun, sip on some cocktails (right age of course), and get away from home, the exams, responsibilities, and anything else students deal with.

There are a few things you must take care of before you go to the spring break beaches Florida. Obviously, you’ll want to get a student travel package to make planning your trip to the Florida beaches easy and cheap and read over our tips and resources of things to do and remember to have a spring break to remember (Hopefully?!!).

Hey, I know what being a college student is like- long, boring classes, tests and papers that won’t quit, working a part-time job that you hate, and having no money with a lot of stress.

So, without getting long winded, here are some tips for you spring breakers to remember before you head out and while you are at your travel spot…

1. Pick your top destination. Students usually travel on a budget so it’s important to know costs and so forth and always over-prepare. At least take Dad’s credit card just in case!! Some great spring break spots include, Florida, Cancun, Bahamas, South Padre Island, Arizona, and more. Whether East Coast, South, West Coast or Overseas, you’ll have a great vacation.

2. Pack wisely. Get everything you need before you go on your trip. Beach wear, beach accessories, club clothes, plus all your other travel needs. You don’t want to leave anything behind.

3. Search for travel deals. There are tons of websites and places to find a good deal. Be smart and do your homework on this one. I know you do enough research already but you’ll have a much better time if you hunt for deals and also read the terms and conditions before you book. Know what you’re getting into.

4. Be careful. Whether in your home country or not, be smart and watch out for suspicious activities or items. Things can get out of hand when you are in a foreign location and there are people out there waiting to prey on young college students. Also, drink responsibly.

5. Get in shape. Not mandatory, but right before spring break I always see the gyms fill up. You want to look good right?

6. Finally, make your money work for you. You can have one heck of a trip without spending a ton. Trust me. Be sure you keep important documents safe and have a travel budget so you don’t go overboard. I know I sound like a Dad, but one time we had to cut some corners to make it home from our trip to Florida.

There are many more spring break travel tips to go on, but this will give you a good idea of what you need to take care of before finals hit and you’re ready to head out. Most importantly have fun!!

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