Importance of a Cash Register Till in the Hotel Industry

Marwa Grimes

Finding the right cash register till is crucial when it comes to the hotel industry because the volume of transactions is exceptionally high and good customer service is all important. Electronic point of sale (EPOS) systems are far and away the most popular variety of cash register till used in the upscale hotels – and it is exceptionally easy to see why this is the case when you look at the multitude of benefits associated with this variety of EPOS unit.

Cash Register Till – A Godsend For Hotels

For anyone who has been in the lobby of a busy hotel, it is clear to see that the receptionists have a lot of work on their hands but the efficiency of customer book-ins and enquiries can been streamlined significantly if the right cash register till is selected. EPOS systems today are exceptionally technology advanced and hotels are one of the main industries that capitalise on this form of hardware. Incorporating touch screen technology and a great many features which make the management of the hotel considerably easier, some may wonder how hotels managed to get by before the invention of retail EPOS systems.

Streamlined Experience

It goes without saying that customer service is the lifeblood of the hotel industry and the first point of contact for travellers is invariably the reception – and, as such, it is crucial that things get off to a good start. This can often be as simple as ensuring their booking and payment are processed promptly and through the use of the right type of cash register till, this is something which can be achieved every time.

EPOS systems are extremely beneficial in a hotel environment because they are highly efficient at keeping track of transactions and the details of the transaction – for example, the proportion of customers who pay with cash and those who use credit cards.

A Stay to Remember

Producing a hassle free stay for travellers is the overriding aim for all hotels and this is something which can certainly be facilitated through the use of EPOS systems. The right cash register till is capable of performing multiple vital functions that can help with the day to day running of a hotel – from checking stock levels to dramatically reducing wait times of customers.

More and more hotels across the UK and throughout the world will look to update their cash register till in the remainder of 2010 and, in the vast majority of cases, it is likely they will choose to install EPOS systems because of the vastly advantageous features that these boast in comparison to older retail cash registers.

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