How To Make Your Visit To Africa An Ansipiring Affair

Marwa Grimes

Africa loves giving and also appreciates to when someone comes back to appreciate. Although endowed with great resources and hardworking people it’s logical that one cannot get all by himself. This can well be understood by looking at what contribution visitors can make when they visit Africa. Not only would sightseeing help in bringing in foreign exchange but another resource would be development of ideas and help protect sale of organs of endangered species.

Africa has great scholars who have left to foreign countries to work or further their education. Development of ideas comes in when somebody who doesn’t belong to the place suggests of funds a project that would uplift the condition of those who he/ she is interacting with. Different organizations are being formed to help in the creation of work programme that tourists can take part in when the visit Africa. Some have been going on like visiting children’s homes, education exchange programme and even conservation of the environment.

Africa will dearly appreciate when our visitors contribute to the above programme. No matter which part of Africa you visit always enquire to know whether there are any endangered species. You might buy a memorabilia only to realize later that it belongs to one of the endangered species. If this happens or continues to happen one day there will be no wild life. There will be nowhere to do any sightseeing. Through exchange of ideas we will all learn to rebuke evil. Let us learn to protect Africa.

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