How to Date an Asian Girl

Marwa Grimes

Traveling around Asia and living in Asia you come across a lot, and I mean a lot, of very beautiful ladies. If you are attracted to Asian girls you will find they have beautiful smiles, are very friendly and they like to look after themselves. Dating Asian girls isn’t easy and there are a few things you must be wary of. There are some specific places you can date Asian girls and have a lasting relationship either in Asia or the west.

Bars and Clubs

One of the most common places you are likely to meet a girl in Asia is in a tourist bar or club. If you enter the red light districts of any Asian country you are going to meet a plethora of girls who are looking for you to buy them a drink or pay the “bar fine” to take them out for the evening. The vast majority of these girls, if not all of them, are going to be working girls. If that is what you are looking for then you can find them easy, you don’t need to be good-looking, have the perfect body or witty conversation, you just need money!

If you are looking for local girls, then you won’t find them in bars. Asians are not into bars and clubs, the “ladette” culture has not reached Asia. Asian girls are very family orientated and the only time they will go to bars is in a big group through work or maybe with friends on a special occasion. If you do find an Asian girl in a bar or club, she is not likely looking to meet anyone so starting a conversation with them isn’t going to be easy.

Malls, Movies, Parks etc

Striking up a conversation with an Asian girl in public isn’t going to be easy either. Firstly, you have a language issue, unless they have a good job and are good at English they will be shy to speak English and things you say may be misjudged or misunderstood. As I said, Asian girls are shy and so talking with strangers is not easy for them, in most cases, they may think you are a weirdo or they might think you are looking for a hook up and this will offend them.

Internet Dating

This is by far the best and easiest way to meet Asian girls and get to know them, overcome misjudgments and misconceptions and generally make it a lot easier when you do eventually meet. Although Asian girls aren’t good at speaking English, they do know how to write it from the western signs and movies they see all the time. Internet dating will allow you to talk to each other for a number of days and understand where each other is coming from, it will allow you to know what each other wants from the relationship so you don’t waste time meeting beforehand.

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