Home For the Summer – Renting Out Your Lakeside Home

Marwa Grimes

A lakeside location is often an ideal place for travelers who are looking for some peace and quiet. If you’re one of the individuals who are lucky enough to own a lake vacation home that you hardly use, then you would probably have thought of renting it out during the holiday season to earn some returns on your investment.

As lake districts are usually quieter and more out of the way areas, you should be prepared to put in more effort in promoting and publicizing your home. The most obvious method to draw attention to it is to beautify the exterior of the house and repairing all that needs to be repaired. No one wants to stay in a building that looks rundown and neglected. A well-maintained house can also serve to increase its curb appeal and make the rest of the neighborhood look good as well. Giving your lakeside property a memorable name will make it more distinctive and easier to find.

If you’re looking to turn your lake vacation home into a full-time business that is fully-booked at all times, then you will need to mount an aggressive promotion campaign. This is especially true if there are other home owners in the area who are also renting out their properties. However, if your aim is just to make sure the house is occupied when you yourself are on holiday, you can take advantage of free listing services to promote your property or property publications in your area. For both types of promotion, ensure that you write an attractively-worded listing to pique travelers’ interest.

The type of business you’re looking for will also help you determine the sort of rates to charge. If there are similar properties in the area or if a nightly full house is your goal, then rental should be competitively priced. Conversely, it’s possible for you to charge a premium price (which accompanying facilities and supplies) if your aim is to attract low-frequency rentals. A lake vacation home should be warm and hospitable in order to leave a good impression on travellers. Hopefully, these visitors will return the following year!

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