Foods To Eat On Travel

Marwa Grimes

Have you planned a long trip? Are you out to explore the world by every means of transport such as train, air flights, road travel etc? Are you a little bit weary that you have to attend the rest room often? This article on foods to eat while travelling to avoid frequent poop-stops has just the valuable information to help you out.

There may be several reasons why you make frequent trips. It could be the result of allergy or food intolerance. If you have similar doubts, then better note the specified foods in a diary. For example, you might be paying a visit after having spicy foods.
There are some people, after having chocolate or milk (lactose intolerance) rush to the rest room. Kindly take note of your intolerance foods.

During travel, there are times when you do not get the food you need. If you can get only food, then chose only those with cheese or yogurt as they have low lactose.


You might visit a place where the dishes might be made of hard ingredients resulting in constipation. No worry, just include dishes which have more fiber such as oatmeal and salads. These dishes make the hard ingredients go easy via the digestive tract.


You can use the greens of different varieties (kale, bok choy) in either salads or fried dishes. Kindly note, the spinach is rich in iron, which gives you a burst of energy during trekking and other adventures. Containing fiber, these foods are easy to digest, however, avoid these dishes during night.


If you are in a hot area, a recipe mixed with cool tomatoes may give you relief. These fruits can be made part of any dishes, so just look out and select the best. Having tomato as part of recipe helps in proper digestion and prevents constipation which makes you go to the loo often.


High in nutrients and vitamins, a fresh avocado cut to pieces and made into either a salad or snack can just bring about the energy required during travel. It has been noticed, that if your tummy is in proper order, the rest goes off well during travel. Dehydration and low energy often turns to depression, and during travel, the positive level has to be high or you can face a dip in immunity level leading to burping because of gastric problems.


You can cut a cucumber to small pieces and mix them with carrots and other vegetables to make a relishing salad. Or you can cut it into medium pieces and use them as a side dish. They also add texture and give a better crunching action to the jaws during the meal. Moreover, the high water content assists in maintaining the water balance in the body during travel.

Almond Butter

It contains monounsaturated fatty acids of healthy variety. A jar of properly packed almond butter can give a better dressing in desserts and breakfasts making digestion easy.


All the three contain the right amount of fiber. A small bottle mixed with the three mentioned can give you just the right energy in case you did not get any food during a travel. They can assist in sustaining the hunger for some time. However, select the raw, unroasted and unsalted varieties.

Yams/Sweet Potatoes

If the travel involves a lot of activity concerned with trekking, cycling, then you have to include vegetables/fruits in the diet that contains lots of glucose, minerals, beta-carotene. The potatoes and yams are easy to digest and they can be just eaten plain or with a mixture of honey.

If you are going to catch a flight, better opt for a vegetarian meal. Or take a big sumptuous meal before the flight.


Make it mandatory never to overlook the signals given by your body. Agreed, you might encounter situations where you have to give time to the body for recovery. However, take suitable precaution in such cases so that the incident does not lead to hospitalization.

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