Eurostar Destination Guide For Rail Travel in Europe

Marwa Grimes

Eurostar has changed the way people used to travel in Western Europe. Eurostar connecting London to Paris and Brussels via Chunnel Tunnel is one of the most comfortable and easy way to travel these days. Last few months were not good for them, due to various problems arising due to bad weather and technical difficulties which disturbed their honor horribly. But the way it has regained its position is a great achievement and must be appreciated.

Today Eurostar connects many destinations in Paris and Brussels directly via daily services. There are over hundred destinations in Europe that can be travelled directly or indirectly via Eurostar.

Here are the most important Eurostar destinations:

1. Paris: Paris is the major destination in France to which there are highest numbers of trains. Currently there are around 19 trains operating on London-Paris route. Train fare for this route is 69 GBP for a return ticket.
2. Brussels: Second most important destination located in Belgium, is city of Brussels. Euro star operates around 10 trains on a daily basis on London-Brussels route. Fare is same as London to Paris route.
3. Avignon: Avignon, situated in Southeastern France is a destination which is connected to London via Euro star and TGV collaboration. You must first travel to Paris or to Lille from London and after then you can take TGV train to reach Avignon. You can also get direct trains to Avignon from London between July and September.
4. Disneyland: Disneyland is one of the most visited amusement parks situated in Paris. Euro train knows the importance of it and hence provides direct services to this place. Most important thing is that Disneyland is on a walking distance from the station.
5. Lille: Lille is situated in Northern France and is one of the major metropolitan cities in France. There are daily trains from London to Lille and you can book tickets online.

This is just a glimpse of some of the important destination being connected by Euro train. In addition to these this train connects many destinations in Netherland, Germany, and Switzerland via its connections.

Know more about Eurostar destinations and get information about Eurostar prices to these destinations.

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