Enhancing Guest Experience in Vacation Rentals With Automated HVAC and Lighting Control Systems

Marwa Grimes

More tourists, especially families and groups traveling together, are choosing to stay at vacation rental homes in order to be closer to the attractions, enjoy more spacious and private accommodations, and reduce expenses. To enhance their experience, installing quality HVAC and lighting control systems in these lodgings will ensure that they can fully enjoy their vacation in comfort.

To allow guests to start their vacation right, vacation rental management companies can use guest room automation systems with back office monitoring and control to remotely prepare the accommodations with the right lighting and temperature so guests can properly settle down before they get ready for a day of excitement. These systems can also be preprogrammed so that each unit presents a unique welcome for guests.

Vacation rentals essentially give guests greater independence by allowing them to prepare their own meals and even do their own laundry. Automating certain aspects can also help them have an easier time managing their stay indoors. These systems come with user-friendly controllers that allow guests to easily manage lighting, thermostat, television, and motorized draperies, if available.

Easy control of the lights and temperature also allows vacationers to spend more time to enjoy their trip. They can use these systems to quickly switch off the lights, TV, and thermostat when they are about to go out, and easily switch them back on when they return so they can relax after a day of exploring and activities. Back-office monitoring and control also assures that the lights and temperature can be switched off and on for their guests.

Aside from the added convenience, HVAC and lighting control systems also add luxury to guest experience. Guests can use the controls to activate mood lighting and set the temperature on a comfortable level for a pleasant atmosphere indoors. For guests who are not comfortable sleeping in total darkness, they can also use the system to activate night lights or dim the room lighting to more comfortable levels.

Finally, vacationers can benefit from automation systems by helping them reduce utility costs that are usually bundled with rental fees. As many tourists opt for vacation rentals rather than hotels to cut on vacation expenses, adding systems that allow them to save up on lighting and energy costs can further help them save their budget.

Quality HVAC and lighting control systems can easily be retrofitted into any existing room setups, thus making it easy for vacation rental owners to upgrade their accommodations for the benefit of their guests.

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