Drapery Controllers Help Hoteliers Raise the Bar on the Hotel Experience

Marwa Grimes

Hotel stays allow guests the luxury of getting what they want, when they want it – a splash of sunshine with drapery controllers, room service with a click of a button. Tiny details count for a lot in personalizing the hotel experience. The automation of the different features of a hotel room can help hoteliers accomplish precisely this.

For instance, upon waking up in the morning, guests may open the draperies and shades from a tabletop controller at the bedside and be greeted by their poolside or garden view, maximizing natural lighting while still preserving guest privacy. Likewise, these controllers can be programmed to simultaneously control mood lighting, room motorization, and temperature, to create a tailored guest welcome scene for when guests enter and exit their rooms.

Room automation controllers can also prove beneficial to hoteliers in terms of energy savings when incorporated into a room’s energy management system. Shade and drapery controllers can be activated along with the lights, television, and HVAC when a guest inserts his keycard into the room’s wall-mounted card reader. When the keycard is removed, the lighting and television are powered down and the HVAC temperature is set-back to the property’s “energy saving” mode, achieving 30 to 50 percent savings on guest room energy consumption. Installing an energy management solution that has the capacity to control the main energy consumers in a room can provide a hotel with unmatched energy efficiency.

Aside from granting hoteliers significant savings in terms of energy costs, drapery and room automation controllers can contribute greatly to guests’ overall hotel experience, making such solutions a worthwhile investment for any hotel.

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