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Christchurch offers plenty of nature-friendly activities, from hot spring relaxation and film set tours, to walking the rugged terrain in national parks or taking in Mount Cook’s dramatic panoramas. Soak in stunning vistas, hike national parks or explore French culture – you won’t be short of options in Christchurch.

Touch the soft, powdery sand at Sumner Beach before exploring New Zealand-themed animal attractions such as Farmyard section with alpacas, miniature horses and llamas. Cathay Pacific flights from Christchurch and to Christchurch makes access very easy.

Christchurch Hidden

Lord of the Rings Movie Locations

New Zealand is an impressive natural landscape, so it should come as no surprise that its stunning scenery was chosen as the setting for The Lord of the Rings film trilogy directed by Sir Peter Jackson. Filming locations were all over New Zealand’s North and South Islands; you can visit some Lord of the Rings filming locations across the country.

Queenstown and Glenorchy were home to some of the most celebrated filming locations, especially Lake Wakatipu area around Queenstown and Glenorchy. This area, especially around Lake Wakatipu, had an enchanted quality that made for incredible scenery for films filmed there – mountain ranges, forests and fields of green gave an illusion that you were really in Middle Earth! Scene 17 Vineyard served as City of Dale destroyed City from An Unexpected Journey; Frodo and Sam left Hobbiton by Gandalf before heading towards Amon Hen where Uruk-hai attacked Gandalf and Pippin.

The Wairarapa district of New Zealand featured prominently in The Two Towers and Return of the King film franchises, particularly during battle scenes starring Aragorn, Legolas and Gimli in their quest to find and meet with the Army of the Dead. Putangirua Pinnacles were utilized as Roads of the Dead where Aragorn, Legolas and Gimli met up. You can visit these impressive spots as part of a tour departing Christchurch.

Other notable filming locations for An Unexpected Journey and The Return of the King include a gorge where Anduin River scenes were shot and the stunning Mount Sunday which served as Edoras city in The Return of the King (although this set has since been removed from its location, although the mountain remains impressive and stands tall).

Are you interested in visiting one of the Lord of the Rings filming locations? For an unforgettable tour experience, then why not visit Hobbiton Movie Set in Auckland. Fans of these classic films should book their visit now here to experience this unforgettable tour – which includes entry to Hobbiton as well as lunch on location!


New Zealand is an incredible skydiver’s destination, boasting several amazing sites for skydivers to jump from. When choosing where you jump, one factor to keep in mind when selecting a site is how much free-fall time will be provided; free-fall time adds tremendously to the enjoyment of this activity – more is always better!

Fox Glacier skydiving site provides ample free-fall time when jumping – located near some of New Zealand’s tallest mountains, you’ll see them as you soar through the air. They offer jumps between 9,000, 12,000 and 15,000 feet with photo and video packages available too!

Mount Cook National Park skydives are another fantastic way to take in scenic views when skydiving. Though their jump height may not compare with others on this list, they do provide beautiful sights as you descend. Offering jumps at 9,000, 10,000, and 12,000 feet with numerous photo and video packages available, Mount Cook is sure to impress!

Kaikoura is a small town on the northern tip of Banks Peninsula that’s host to an abundance of outdoor activities, from hiking the lush Talbot Forest and whale observatory, taking cruises with marine life-spotting trips or horse trekking in Banks Peninsula National Park nearby, horse trekking in Kaikoura itself and horseback touring tours along its trails – plus there are great restaurants serving local seafood and wine.

There are also a few unusual activities to enjoy in Kaikoura, including visiting the powerful 185 empty chair memorial to the 2011 Christchurch earthquake and dining in an original jail cell at Ferrymead Heritage Park – not forgetting Wellington where there’s even more quirky things to see such as cafes with skeletons adorning their walls and underground tunnels that once housed military secrets!

Flutey’s Shell Lounge

What began as a side hobby of Fred and Myrtle Flutey living in a coastal town over 50 years ago has now become an iconic national treasure, an icon and testament to Kiwiana kitsch. Fred and Myrtle collected beautiful paua shells from local beaches to adorn the walls of their cozy home; eventually this collection reached over 1000 shells! They welcomed visitors into their home.

After their deaths, Ross Bowen gave their collection to Canterbury Museum where it opened for public viewing on 4 July 2008. Bowen wanted to preserve their shells while keeping alive the memory of two eccentric and generous individuals he knew; to date the exhibit has seen over 1.5 million visitors!
Christchurch has earned itself an increasing reputation as a foodie haven, offering exquisite dishes at every turn – from high-end Japanese dining establishments to local Korean eateries, the city offers something delicious for every palette.

Christchurch offers an exhilarating nightlife, from jazzy gigs featuring mellifluous vocals to daring street entertainers and thrilling fire shows. For an escape room challenge that is sure to provide hours of fun, try booking one in Christchurch; finding clues, solving puzzles and exiting within 60 minutes should give plenty of opportunity!

Christchurch’s idyllic surroundings draw outdoor adventure-seekers. Hike through lush Peel Forest to white water raft, or discover Port Hills with their World War II underground tunnels which were designed to protect military activities but now hold apparatus monitoring earth movements.
A 249km journey from Christchurch to Kaikoura is one of New Zealand’s most spectacular drives, providing nature lovers with breathtaking beaches, snowcapped mountains, and the chance to spot the giant sperm whale.

Akaroa Harbour

Akaroa Harbour is an idyllic marine mammal sanctuary and natural volcanic amphitheater that dazzles visitors with an assortment of rare marine creatures ranging from Hector’s Dolphin (world’s smallest) to penguins and fur seals; you can snorkel or swim amongst them all here! Take an Akaroa Harbor Nature Cruise for two hours of exploration of this remarkable marine sanctuary as well as taking in stunning turquoise blue waters of its surroundings!

With its friendly, small town vibe and variety of attractions and things to do, this picturesque little town makes a fantastic travel destination. Here, you can find thrill-packed adventures, stunning drives along Summit Road or delicious local cuisine – you are sure to find your ideal vacation experience.
Akaroa offers plenty of places to go shopping. From boutiques and art and craft galleries to souvenir stores and memento shops, you are sure to find that perfect memento or unique present to bring back home with you. Or if the rainy day blues strike again, try visiting one of Akaroa’s cozy movie cinemas; not only can they serve great food (such as warm chocolate brownies! ), they even allow customers to bring in their own beer or wine!

From November to April is the ideal time to visit Akaroa; its climate offers pleasant sunshine with temperatures that don’t stray too far above or below average, plus this period offers less crowds so that visitors can take full advantage of all that Akaroa has to offer!

Akaroa is an idyllic destination to enjoy with family and friends, boasting luxurious hotels to cottages and self-contained holiday homes. Harbour View, a cozy 3-bedroom Kiwi style bach situated on an elevated position to take in picturesque sea and town views, is the perfect getaway. Complete with an open plan living area featuring a warm wood burner and spacious open plan living room complete with wood burner; one king bedroom featuring ensuite and family bathrooms downstairs; fully-equipped kitchen; deck offering serene harbour views for dining al fresco dining al fresco!

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