Chartering an Airplane – The 5 Top Benefits

Marwa Grimes

The benefits of chartering an airplane far outweigh any cons in the majority of cases. Some people will argue that it’s expensive, or excessive, or unnecessary. But I hope that the information and ideas suggested in this article show you why, in fact, it is very necessary!

The benefits of chartering an airplane include things such as privacy, security, comfort and flexibility. Let’s look at a few of those a little more closely.


There are no screaming children, coughing and hacking neighbors, overtly happy people heading off on holiday with their friends and all talking too loudly. No scrambling to your seat and getting up and down for others if you are unlucky enough to end up with an aisle seat, no old lady next to you hogging your elbow room.

But more importantly for business users or others who want to have an uninterrupted conversation without fearing of being overheard, you are free to discuss business or knock about a few ideas with your significant other with no embarrassing repercussions. Sensitive business can be discussed with no fear of leaks or competitors overhearing and no fears of sensitive corporate information being heard by all and sundry. In some industries – this is a serious consideration that can make travel time a complete waste of time as far as working goes.


Private air charter can be the epitome of luxury and class. Think of commercial air flights as being a run of the mill taxi cab, and a private charter jet as a plush stretch limo. Some are even more luxurious than a limo! Believe it or not (and it does take some believing, I grant you!) but it is quite possible to find things such as living suites, gyms, spa’s and sauna’s, full double bedrooms and other things that the ‘filthy’ rich like to spoil themselves with being built into private jets more and more every day.

Granted, they have to be built into the larger jets as opposed to the small to mid size airplanes but to some – buying a 747 and kitting it out to their specification is not a problem at all.

Have to say – I’m unlikely to ever see one of those from the inside, can’t quite stretch to renting one of those jets.


Not only can you avoid border hassles when flying internationally, you can generally charter a private jet with very little notice. It’s not unknown for jets to be available to rent in an hour. (Special cases here mark you – don’t bank on this speed of response as being the norm or the doable in every case!)

Private airplane charter services do not tend to own a whole fleet – they, like everyone else, arrange a jet for you from ‘A N Other’ company or owner. They work as the middle man between you and the owner, taking care of your arrangements and requirements. They give you flexibility that you do not normally have when it comes to renting a plane.

This is part of the beauty of flying a private charter – it can free you from dependence on travel agencies and commercial air companies. Not to mention you get to avoid those long, long and nasty lines for boarding, and those little extras we have to endure now, things like taking off your shoes and having your bags extensively searched and not being able to take bottle of drink through security. (I’m seriously miffed at that one – how much % mark up did the shops on the other side of security add to the price when THAT rule came into play!?) Flying private can free you from all of those little inconveniences. Hell, wander onto your charter plane with a Jack Daniels and coke in your hand and see if anyone says anything – apart from suggesting you put it down whilst trying to put your seatbelt on!


Flying private isn’t just about reaching your destination. It is also primarily about enjoying your traveling experience, and being comfortable on the journey. I’ll make you a promise right here and now – the first time you bite the bullet and decide to charter a private flight will be an unforgettable trip for you, something that you will both think back on with great memories as well as talk about often! It just makes traveling fun again!

One on One service, comfy seats with leg, knee and elbow room, quiet and calm environment and no waiting for whatever you want (apart from the preparation time that is!). Sheer comfort and luxury.


Another of the great benefits to chartering an airplane is the impression you can make on others.

Not only can you impress clients, you can also pamper employees and give them incentive to work all the harder for you. You can highlight yourself as being different to clients, and build closer relationships by inviting them on a private charted business trip overseas with you.

It is just an all around excellent way to travel, and given the choice why would you want to fly in that commercial taxi when you can fly in that luxurious limo instead?

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