Bergamot in Hotel Amenities

Marwa Grimes

Growing up, everyone told me to eat my fruits and veggies. With the exception of a very limited number of veggies, I can say I categorically do not like to eat veggies. Fruit, however, is a different story – especially citrus fruit. Grapefruits and Oranges are by far my favorite with those little tangerines coming in third. However, I pretty much enjoy all citrus fruit. Therefore, it was quite a surprise when I learned that there is a citrus fruit out there that I had never even heard of – the Bergamot orange.

Bergamots are the size of an orange but are yellow, like a lemon. The insides look like a lemon/lime and are actually less sour than a lemon (though more so than a grapefruit – which is likely why it is not considered an edible fruit). Grown in Italy, France and the Ivory Coast, the bergamot orange tree is a relatively small tree with little white/green blossoms.

Bergamot is often used to flavor Earl Grey tea, and has recently been used in aromatherapy. The peel of the bergamot is quite popular in perfumes as it has an uncanny ability to combine many fragrances and create a complementary bouquet. Similarly, it is used in scenting many soaps and bath products as it lends itself to stimulating the other fragrances and scents in the composition.

One leading hotel amenity line, Aromae Botanicals, uses Bergamot to scent their Bergamot and Lemon Body Bar. This beautiful, oval bar, is boxed for ultimate luxury and complements the many other items in the line. There is a Rosemary and Heather Conditioning Shampoo, a Chamomile and Nettle Conditioner, a Cucumber and Aloe Lotion, a Vitamin E pleat-wrapped soap, and a Grapefruit and Sage facial bar. As you can see, the Aromae Botanicals line specializes in using natural products to create a cohesive, unique hotel amenity line. In addition to these many products, Aromae Botanicals offers an assortment of auxiliary items to complement the line and add luxury to the guest room. They offer a mending kit, shower cap and vanity kit.

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