Bangkok Post – Agoda spotlights affordable travel destinations around Asia

Marwa Grimes

For those looking for a cool trip in April and May, digital travel platform Agoda is providing discounts as many Asian countries are in the midst of vacation months.

Its research on affordable travel destinations has highlighted eight Asian markets — Udon Thani in Thailand, Surabaya in Indonesia, Hue in Vietnam, Kuching in Malaysia, Iloilo in the Philippines, Bengaluru in India, Narita in Japan and Kaohsiung in Taiwan.

In Thailand, Udon Thani has taken the crown from Khon Kaen to become the most affordable tourist destination with an average room rate of 1,022 baht. As one of the “big four” cities in the Northeast, Udon Thani is easily accessible thanks to its airport. Visitors can experience Isan-Chinese culture by walking through the Chinese Gate while the Udon Thani City Museum takes you back to the prehistoric period when this area is believed to have been an ocean.

In Indonesia, Surabaya has emerged as a star in East Java, with an average room rate of 1,423 baht. This thriving port city promises a rich cultural experience, thanks to its blend of Javanese, Chinese and Arab influences. During the day, visitors can browse around Pasar Atom market to buy traditional crafts and sample culinary delights like lontong balap and sate klopo.

Udon Thani Museum. (Photos: Pattarawadee Saengmanee)

With an average room rate of 1,569 baht, Hue in central Vietnam draws visitors who want to learn about its fascinating past. Once the imperial capital of the Nguyen Dynasty, this city is home to the Imperial City with its majestic palaces and temples, which is listed as a Unesco World Heritage Site. The Perfume River winds its way through the city, adding to its picturesque charm, and visitors can take a boat ride to enjoy the distinctive architectural designs of surrounding buildings.

With an average room rate of 1,788 baht, Kuching, the state capital of Sarawak in Malaysia, offers stunning natural beauty. Situated on the island of Borneo, Kuching is a hub for arts and crafts, while the Main Bazaar, Carpenter Street and Sunday Market are ideal places to get local handicrafts and mementos. Those who enjoy adventure can explore the Bako National Park famous for its incredible mix of rainforests, wildlife and beaches.

Surabaya in Indonesia. (Photo: YVONNE BOHWONGPRASERT)

Hue in Vietnam. (Photo courtesy of Frank Zeller)

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