Air Travel – Why You Should Research Airlines and How to Do So

Marwa Grimes

No matter when or why you need to book an airline flight, you’re going to need to know just what your options are. Whether you’re flying to a vacation destination, a business meeting, a family gathering, or to move to a new city doesn’t really matter. What does matter is finding the flight which will get you to your destination as safely, cheaply, and quickly as possible. You may, however, feel somewhat overwhelmed when you realize how many airlines promise to do exactly that.

How can you sort through the different airlines, different departure and arrival times, and different fares to find the flight which is really the best option for you? You’ll have to set your priorities. For many of us our choice of flights is dictated by either their departure or arrival time, because we rely on other people to get us to or pick us up at the airports. For a nervous flier, however, the most important detail may be to find the shortest possible flight. A nervous flier may also be concerned about a certain airline’s safety record. For many people, however, flight choices are simply a matter of economy, and the lowest fare will win

If you’re in the unique position of finding several airlines with flights which meet all your specification, then it’s time to put your research skills to work. Adequately researching your airline is the first step to ensuring that your flight is merely the delightful opening act of a great trip. Research is especially important it you’ll be flying with your kids, because traveling with small children can require a good deal of flexibility and a flight crew with extra patience.

Find out which of the airlines on your list of possible have reputations as family-friendly carriers. How well prepared are they for assisting the elderly or disabled? Flying is stressful enough without your having to deal with a flight crew who regards you and your family as problems instead of as valued customers!

Begin your research by asking your relatives and acquaintances about their experiences with different airlines. Did they have problems with their baggage or seating? If their flights were delayed, were the reasons explained? If they missed connecting flights because of those delays, did the airline provide them with other connections or with overnight accommodations if necessary? How did the crew get along with the kids on their flights? Most importantly, would they fly the same airline again?

You can also turn to the Internet in your search for information. There are plenty of travel sites where the public is free to post their travel stories, and you’ll have no trouble finding their complaints and compliments regarding different air carriers. You can also check travel and consumer review magazines for their airline ratings. They are great places to get unbiased opinions on the pluses and minuses of traveling with different airlines.

Review consumer reporting agencies for complaints if you have doubts about a specific airline. Simply run a Google search with the keyword complaint and the name of the airline and you’ll find links to whatever is out there.

There’s no reason why you should grab a ticket on the first airline you find which has service to your destination. You’ve put lots of thought into your trip, and you deserve to put the same amount of thought into the sort of experience you’ll have on the flight which gets you where you’re going and returns you home again!

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